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33 DIY Projects That Should Have Never Happened

It's amazing what you can do with a beer can.

1. Safety is always guaranteed with these foolproof goggles.

2. Natty Light fixes all problems.

3. Why buy a hat when you have trash, which is free?

4. Fits cups of all sizes that fit.

5. This is how a real man uses a spork.

6. And why use chopsticks when you have this nifty contraption?

7. Turn any can into a cup! Works for Pepsi, too!

8. Tired of holding your phone? Put a rubber band on it!

9. Or try this ingenious hands-free device to watch movies.

10. Never get your book wet again with this bathtub-reading method.

11. From beer can to chandelier in one easy step.

12. For when you want to stay classy, but careful.

13. Because a pool that moves is always cool.

14. Don't have a fancy laptop? Just bring your computer and modem and keyboard and speakers with you!

15. Sprinkler not working? Just poke holes in that soda bottle and voilà!

16. It's called removing the middle man.

17. Passing the law is 90% visual. Look it up.

18. Broken plate? Not when you have scotch tape.

19. Turn your lonely glove into a windshield wiper so your car looks like it's waving goodbye to the rain.

20. Any bed can be bunked when you have PVC pipes.

21. The best way to save electricity is to combine everything into one frankenstein appliance.

22. Just another reason why it's always smart to carry a plunger with you at all times.

23. Broken sink? Not anymore!

24. Broken headlight? I don't think so!

25. Broken door knob? Forget about it!

26. Hey man, a couch is for sitting, so I don't see a problem here.

27. For when mashed just isn't good enough.

28. Only have one sandal? No worries! Turn it into a gun holster.

29. Four-wheel drive is overrated. Everybody knows five-wheel drive is the way to go.

30. And if you can't do that, just reinvent the wheel with a garden hose. It's still rubber, ain't it?

31. Pro tip: shopping carts are free when you steal them.

32. Reach new heights with this ladder trick! Safe for men of all ages.

33. Because at the end of the day, time is just a number anyway.