So What Kind Of Summer Did You Actually Have This Year?

It’s time to review your summer checklist.

    1. Go to the beach?
    2. Build a sandcastle?
    3. Go swimming in a pool?
    4. Go swimming in a lake?
    5. Go swimming in the ocean?
    6. Go on a boat?
    7. Attend an outdoor party?
    8. Go to a concert?
    9. Lay outside?
    10. Get a sunburn?
    11. Wash a car outside?
    12. Draw with chalk?
    13. Plant something?
    14. Play a backyard game?
    15. Buy something from a garage sale?
    16. Have a picnic?
    17. Eat corn on the cob?
    18. Eat watermelon?
    19. Drink sangria?
    20. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck?
    21. Eat a snow cone?
    22. Eat a popsicle?
    23. Have a barbecue?
    24. Sit on a park bench?
    25. Sit on a swing?
    26. Go fishing?
    27. Go camping?
    28. Go hiking?
    29. Take a bike ride?
    30. Take a road trip?
    31. Roll up your pants leg?
    32. Walk barefoot?
    33. Put on a bathing suit?
    34. Spend all day in a bathing suit?
    35. Have a water fight?
    36. Sleep with the windows open?
    37. Go to a baseball game?
    38. Go to an amusement park?
    39. Go to a fair/carnival?
    40. Go to the zoo?
    41. Go to a parade?
    42. Go on a date?
    43. Go on vacation?
    44. Dance outside?
    45. Read a book outside?
    46. Daydream with the clouds?
    47. Play in the sprinkler?
    48. Play with a sparkler?
    49. See fireworks?
    50. Stare at the night sky?
    51. Make s’mores?
    52. Stay up all night?
    53. Watch the sun set?
    54. Sleep in?
    55. Take a nap in the sun?
    56. Get super sweaty?
    57. Take photos?
    58. Smile a lot?
    59. Make new memories?
    60. Make new friends?

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