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Did "Community" Just Tease The Return Of Donald Glover?

Troy and Abed RE-U-NI-TED!

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During Tuesday's episode of Community ("Laws of Robotics & Party Rights"), "Troy" made a split-second cameo.

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While discussing upcoming plans with Britta, Abed mentions that when Annie first moved into their apartment he would constantly lay down the "groundwork for pop-back gags."

Abed then blows an air horn, says this gag will "pay off," and walks away while acknowledging "Troy," whose arm enters the frame.

While this brief "cameo" might be the end of the gag, it wouldn't be surprising to see Dan Harmon address this moment in a future episode. What do you guys think? Will Donald Glover return or is Troy's arm the best we're going to get this season?

Representatives for Yahoo! Originals and Glover did not immediately reply to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.