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David Hasselhoff's New Music Video Has Hitler, Dinosaurs, And So Much '80s-Ness

Nothing to see here except for a Kung Fu cop fighting a Nazi army. Also dinosaurs.

David Hasselhoff just released an insanely awesome ’80s-inspired music video for his new single “True Survivor.”

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The song is for a movie funded by Kickstarter called Kung Fury, which is “an ’80s action comedy about a super Kung Fu cop in Miami, who decides to travel back in time to kill Adolf Hitler.”

And the music video — which features footage from the film — has EVERYTHING!

There's Hitler, naturally.

A Nazi army.


This warrior chick.

A giant Viking.

A keytar!

Super sick '80s...ness.

And, of course, tons of AC-TION!

Like, seriously, so much action.

Oh, David Hasselhoff, you don't know what you do to me.