48 Problems All Kids Who Played Sports Growing Up Understand

Caaaaarrrrr!! Game on!

1. Trying to find even one pumped up ball in the garage
2. Getting the needle of the pump stuck in the ball
3. Getting a ball stuck on the roof
4. Getting a ball stuck in the gutter, and it being just out of reach
5. Not being able to find the ball you keep in the house
6. Losing a ball in the sewer
7. Not catching that one stupid ball that one time
8. Having a baseball kick up off the street and nail you in the shins
9. Scuffed up baseballs
10. Cars

11. Playing on different size rims with no nets
12. Not having a garage door made of bricks to use as target practice
13. Denting the garage door
14. Finding enough people to come out and play so there are even teams
15. Having a kid who can’t do anything on your team
16. Losing your glove even though you know you put it away properly
17. Trying to ride your bike while holding/carrying your sports bag
18. Having everyone use your bat
19. Inexplicably dropping the vortex
20. Throwing out your arm while tossing something stupid

21. Fields without lights
22. Somehow having dozens of tennis balls and yet no two balls are the same
23. Playing with more range balls than golf balls
24. Bouncing pitches in kickball
25. Swinging as hard as you can… and missing the ball
26. Swinging as hard as you can… and hitting the tee
27. Foul balls
28. When the ball lands in fair territory, even though you swear it was foul
29. When your ball takes a weird bounce off the rim during Knockout
30. Having your partner not throw you the ball fast enough during Running Bases

31. Having someone grab your flag in flag football, even though you did a sweet spin move
32. Chasing after a ball, only to have it roll into water
33. Having to MacGyver a ball out of a pond
34. Neighbors with fences
35. Gym bag smell
36. Long laces
37. Short laces
38. Socks that won’t stay up
39. Black eyes
40. Twisted ankles
41. Shitty refs
42. The coach’s kid
43. Early mornings
44. Late dinners
45. Having a rain out
46. Not having a rain out
47. Losing
48. And holding back tears

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