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    Nov 10, 2014

    Boyfriend Gets Hundreds Of Strangers To Wish His Girlfriend "Happy Birthday"

    "We just moved to Portland, OR, and didn’t know a lot of people here..."

    This is Mario and Sarah. They just moved to Portland, Oregon.

    Mario Garza

    Mario moved from New York to Portland about one month ago, and Sarah moved from Miami around seven months ago.

    Sarah's birthday was on November 6th, and to give her something she would never forget, Mario stood in Pioneer Square and asked a bunch of strangers to wish her a "Happy Birthday."

    Mario Garza

    Sign reads: "Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH To The Camera"

    And even set up a tumblr blog where people could submit videos.

    Since then, hundreds of strangers have left a message for Sarah...

    Over 500, in fact, according to Mario.

    And we're told Sarah found the whole thing pretty unbelievable.

    Mario Garza

    Yeah, I can see that. Watch the video (and wait until the end):

    View this video on YouTube

    Well done, Mario. Well done. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SARAH!

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