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A Tribute To Aaron Rodgers, King Of Movember

That's a good looking mustache.

If there's one thing Aaron Rodgers is good at, it's football. And if there are two things, then it's football and growing a mustache. Seriously, the man's got skills.

Just look at that upper lip. It's like a bloated caterpillar is snuggling underneath his nose.

It's like looking at the sun, only the exact opposite because it's awesome.

But Rodgers hasn't always been this active in Movember.

Getty / Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery

Here he is back in November of 2009. Merely a shadow of the man he is today.

In fact, in 2010, it was as if he was actively protesting the No Shave November movement.

Getty / Matthew Stockman

Dumb move, Rodgers.

But then something clicked and everything changed.

Getty / Hannah Foslien

He corrected his ways and started growing out his facial hair.

Getty / Mike McGinnis

And even though he didn't go straight for the 'stache...

Getty / Jim McIsaac

He realized its potential and isolated those luscious follicles.

And was able to go from this:

Getty / Thearon W. Henderson

To this.

Transforming from a boy...

Getty / Robert Beck

To a man, who probably chops down trees with ease.

From someone who shakes hands with Brandon Weeden...

Getty / Mike McGinnis

To a badass who shakes hands with himself.

Getty / Jim McIsaac

And you thought he was simply warming his hands in that pouch. Nope.

Yep. It's a good look and he knows it.

But it's surprisingly not as good as his August look, where apparently anything goes.

Getty / Jonathan Daniel
Getty / Joe Robbins

Regardless, I think we can all agree that something...

Is better than nothing.

Getty / Mike Coppola