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A Tribute To Aaron Rodgers, King Of Movember

That's a good looking mustache.

If there's one thing Aaron Rodgers is good at, it's football. And if there are two things, then it's football and growing a mustache. Seriously, the man's got skills.

Just look at that upper lip. It's like a bloated caterpillar is snuggling underneath his nose.

It's like looking at the sun, only the exact opposite because it's awesome.

But Rodgers hasn't always been this active in Movember.

In fact, in 2010, it was as if he was actively protesting the No Shave November movement.

But then something clicked and everything changed.

He corrected his ways and started growing out his facial hair.

And even though he didn't go straight for the 'stache...

He realized its potential and isolated those luscious follicles.

And was able to go from this:

To this.

Transforming from a boy...

To a man, who probably chops down trees with ease.

From someone who shakes hands with Brandon Weeden...

To a badass who shakes hands with himself.

Yep. It's a good look and he knows it.

But it's surprisingly not as good as his August look, where apparently anything goes.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that something...

Is better than nothing.