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    Posted on Jan 8, 2014

    7 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Is Actually A Great Fit For ESPN

    He's the perfect man for the job.

    Twitter: @TimTebow

    On Monday, Tim Tebow made his first appearance as an ESPN analyst during pregame coverage of the BCS National Championship. Not only did he almost predict the exact outcome of the game — Tebow predicted a 35-31 FSU win; the final score was 34-31 — but he also gave us a glimpse into what kind of an analyst he will be: a pretty darn good one. Here's why...

    1. He knows and understands the game.


    This might seem obvious, but even relative to other players Tim Tebow is a fan and student of football. During Monday's pregame coverage he showed off impressive research and analysis, uncommon for a first-timer. broke down his commentary, noting that he correctly predicted Auburn's fast start and Jameis Winston's early problems throwing over the middle.

    2. Literally everything about him is college football.

    Sam Greenwood / Getty

    Tim Tebow's playing style, his heroic reputation in Gainesville, his contentious relationship with the NFL — everything about him yells "college football!" It's what he knows, it fits him and it's where he belongs. It's like Nicolas Cage teaching a class on how to be the greatest actor of all time. It just makes sense.

    3. He knows the SEC.

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    The southeast is Tim Tebow's backyard and he played in it for four years, seeing practically every situation imaginable along the way. And he's not that far removed from those days. Who out there is better-qualified to talk about what it's like for a player both on and off the field in the most college football-crazy part of the country?

    4. He's the exact opposite of Lou Holtz.

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    Yes, Tebow will always be identified with the Florida Gators program, but as we said, his background is also an asset, and based on his personality and everything we know about him, Tebow will likely try hard to disguise any pro-Gator bias to make his appeal as broad as possible. On the other end of that spectrum, we have Lou Holtz, who can barely put a thought, much less a sentence, together without mentioning Notre Dame or his increasingly less relevant tenure there.

    5. He's not going to half-ass his job.

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    Tebow's always out to prove himself and never goes halfway on anything. This can be a problem when he's going all-or-nothing for an NFL quarterback job (when he might be better off trying the CFL or switching positions) or making religious statements (which can rub people the wrong way for obvious reasons). If he puts that kind of effort toward his new job he'll easily stand above the analysts who cut corners and make their names by taking controversial positions rather than doing their homework.

    6. He's honest.

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    Related to the above: Tim Tebow is honest. This is why we talk about him, which is sort of crazy to think about. There are plenty of former college quarterbacks who are holding on to NFL dreams and believe in an evangelical form of Christianity. Some of them might even have been virgins by choice. But we talk about Tebow because he is totally open with everyone about his beliefs, desires and goals, which is fairly unnatural, to say the least. This isn't to say that his beliefs are the right ones or that he's beyond criticism. Just that he is not likely to say something insincere. This is a good quality in a television personality.

    7. He's a good-looking guy.

    David J. Phillip / AP

    Hey, it's TV. It never hurts.