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    54 Thoughts People Have When They Don't Want To Workout, But Go Anyway

    "If I were a part of the Royal Family, I would definitely have a six-pack."

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    1. OK, I need to workout today.

    2. But I also need to get home kind of early.

    3. Crap, what am I going to do for dinner?

    4. If I'm going to workout, I should probably eat something healthy.

    5. But if I don't workout, then I can eat pizza.

    6. If pizza were healthy, I would probably be a model.

    7. I wonder how often models workout...

    8. All I know is that if I got paid to look good all the time, I would definitely have a six-pack.

    9. Maybe I'll get something with avocado. That's the GOOD kind of fat.

    10. What does that even mean — "Good kind of fat"?

    11. Am I the good kind of fat?

    12. I bet models eat avocados, like, all day long.

    13. Must be nice to be able to eat whatever you want.

    14. I wonder if Kate Middleton works out.

    15. I bet she doesn't. She's so lucky.

    16. If I were a part of the Royal Family, I would definitely have a six-pack.

    17. And the best clothes.

    18. I need new workout clothes.

    19. I wonder if there are any deals going on...

    20. Ugh. I hate bringing my gym clothes to work.

    21. Should I just wear my gym shoes all day long?

    22. Is that weird?

    23. I feel like people probably know I workout when I wear my gym shoes to work.

    24. I bet they're impressed by my gym bag.

    25. OK, if it rains, I'm not going.

    26. Is 68 degrees cold?

    27. I'll just do my workout at home.

    28. That's what I need. I need a home gym.

    29. If I had a home gym, I would workout all the time.

    30. I wonder how hard it is to get an 8-pack...

    31. How do people do that?

    32. I wouldn't even want to be that ripped.

    33. I just want to look good naked.

    34. And get rid of this fat on my lower stomach.

    35. I don't get it. I workout, I watch what I eat, and it won't go away.

    36. Screw it. I need to workout today.

    37. But first, gotta make that playlist.

    38. I haven't downloaded any songs in a while.

    39. Honestly, a good workout mix makes a big difference.

    40. I should teach a class.

    41. With puppies!

    42. OMG! That would be so cute.

    43. Bring your dog in for a workout, while you workout at the same time.

    44. Wait. This is a really good idea.

    45. I should ask someone about doing this.

    46. What time is it?

    47. Is it too late to go workout?

    48. I still have to get dressed and go to the gym...

    49. I need your strength, Britney Spears.

    50. OK. I'm ready to go.

    51. But first, let me take a quick look at Instagram.

    52. Oh, Lauren Conrad got married.

    53. Aaaaaand I'm never eating again.

    54. Fine, I'll go to the gym.

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