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50 Things That Will Never Be The Same Now That Zayn Has Left One Direction

Everything is just "blah."

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1. Sunsets.

2. Pizza.

3. Summertime.

4. Naps.

5. Seeing a puppy

6. Puppy kisses.

7. People kisses.

8. Childbirth.

9. The laughter of a happy baby with a contagious laugh.

10. Rainbows.


11. Waterfalls.

12. Margaritas.

13. Tacos.

14. Fireworks.

15. The 4th of July.

16. Freedom.

17. Christmas.

18. Hanukkah.

19. Kwanzaa.

20. Thanksgiving.

21. Canadian Thanksgiving.

22. Not running.

23. Pie.

24. Cake.

25. Cupcakes.

26. Cake pops.

27. Popsicles.

28. The Coca-Cola that has real sugar cane in it and comes in those glass bottles.

29. The feeling of peeling off the plastic from a newly purchased item.

30. Finding a dollar in your pocket.

31. Sleepovers.

32. Hugging warm laundry.

33. Sleeping on clean sheets.

34. Free samples.

35. Having an elevator all to yourself.

36. The zoo.

37. Planet Earth.

38. Planet Earth.

39. Mathematics.

40. Sleeping in on the weekends.

41. The end of winter.

42. Wearing shorts for the first time of the season.

43. The sound of rain as you fall asleep.

44. Finding a curly fry or onion ring in your bag of regular fries.

45. Coming home after a long day and taking off your bra.

46. Catching all green lights while driving.

47. Not having your favorite show spoiled by people who already saw it.

48. Books.

49. Man buns.

50. And, of course, boy bands.

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