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38 People Who Can No Longer Be Trusted In The Workplace

You don't have to go home, but you can't work here.

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1. Whoever packaged these as "DOGS:"


2. This ramp-builder:


3. This Taco Bell employee:


4. This person, who clearly has no idea what chainsaws look like:

5. This animal expert:


6. This attentive McDonald's worker:

7. This person, who doesn't understand how people work:

8. This forklift driver:

9. This gold medal cake-maker:

10. The person who put this billboard together:

11. This brutally honest graphic designer:

12. Whoever wrote this:

13. The person who carpeted these stairs:

14. This hygiene renegade:

15. This backpack designer:

16. This adventurous shirt designer:

17. This liar:


18. This party-pooper:

19. This street worker:

20. The person who designed this toilet:

21. Everyone involved here:

22. This secret Coke employee:


23. His counterpart:

24. This grocer, who's clearly never seen a watermelon before:

Or corn, for that matter.

Or corn, for that matter.

25. This elevator attendant:

26. And his brother who makes medals:

27. All of these guys:


28. This careful counter:

29. The person who did this:

30. Whoever put these kayaks out there:


31. This person, who refuses to play by your rules:


32. This smug web designer:

33. Whoever said this phone can float:

Thanks for nothing, Dick Smith. If that even is your real name.

Thanks for nothing, Dick Smith. If that even is your real name.

34. This painter, who just wants to see the world burn:


35. This condiment coworker:

36. Whoever put this sticker on this pan:


37. This fact-checker:

38. And this package handler:

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