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    32 Animals Who Think They're People

    Get a job, dog.

    32. There's this dog at the bar.

    31. This starfish who does not care for your attitude right now.

    30. This photobombing fish.

    29. This cat who has extreme road rage.

    28. This corgi doing lots of very important business things.

    27. And this stoned dog who is loving life right now.

    26. There's this goat who yells like a man.

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    25. This dog who would prefer you not interrupt him during his reading hour.

    24. This bear having a picnic.

    23. This snooty dog who cannot believe you overcooked his steak.

    22. This sloth who is slowly working toward his degree.

    21. This dog who has so much work to do, so don't even ask.

    20. And this polar bear waving goodbye.

    19. There's this sleepy little pup.

    18. These two baby bears pawing at each other.

    17. These two pandas playing in the park.

    16. This spoiled little dog.

    15. And this master of yoga.

    14. There's this skateboarding bulldog.

    13. This cool skateboarding owl.

    12. This laid back frog.

    11. And the dog who is just trying to get his life back on track.

    10. All the dogs in this car.

    9. This whale giving a high five.

    8. This chill dog watching over everything.

    7. This helpful kitty.

    6. This dog who loves all modes of transportation.

    5. And this guy who enjoys a good push on the swing.

    4. There's this seal who is just trying to blend in.

    3. This dog who will likely give you terrible directions.

    2. This corgi stretching.

    1. And this mandril who doesn't give a f**k about what you think.