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    29 Kids Who Will Make You Not Hate Kids

    Why can't all children be like this?

    1. This boy for how he reacted to getting a banana as a gift.


    2. This little girl, who could not be more excited about her mommy having a new baby.


    3. This 3-year-old who donated her hair so kids with cancer could have it.


    4. This young boy for his refusal to play by society's gender roles.


    5. The schoolchildren who named this emu.

    6. This little gentleman with a heart of gold.


    7. Alley, for giving this note to her field trip chaperone.


    8. This helpful little paperboy.

    9. This little girl for the way she asks to watch cartoons in the morning.

    10. Nora.

    11. This little boy for the way he wakes up in the morning.

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    12. And this little girl, too.

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    13. This baby who is now a modern dance instructor.


    14. This motormouth:

    15. These passengers who know the dance moves to "Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton.

    16. This brutally honest kid who will definitely have you laughing.

    17. This little dancing machine.

    18. This little girl who will teach you how to flirt.

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    19. This child who correctly filled in the blank and dropped some solid advice in the process.

    20. All of the kids involved in reenacting the 2014 Oscar-nominated movies.

    (Seen here: The Wolf of Wall Street)

    21. This hide-and-seek master.


    22. This girl for her reaction to making the family cat a princess.

    23. This little boy for the way he reacted to getting poked.

    Richard James / BuzzFeed / Via

    24. This little girl for reminding us to enjoy the rainy days.


    25. This boy for reminding us to be comfortable in our own skin. Or a monkey suit.

    26. This thoughtful philanthropist.

    27. This inspirational poet.

    28. This girl for accidentally creating the cutest Vine.

    29. And Frankie, who knows where he stands.

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