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27 Reasons You Should Live In New York City At Least Once In Your Life

There's no place quite like it in the world.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the best parts of living in New York City. Here are some of our favorite responses.

1. The fact that you can do anything at any time. The city has ENDLESS activities at your disposal.

Submitted by Holland Baker

2. That you have the opportunity and privilege of watching/learning/tasting some of the most inspired art/theater/food from people everywhere, putting their best forward.

Submitted by lqarroyo

3. Each neighborhood is so unique. You can travel to what feels like different worlds in a matter of minutes.

Submitted by rosiewenrich

4. The people. The individual fashion and personalities are so unique to the city.

Submitted by brig4b7fe1cda

5. The shopping. It can be super expensive, of course, but there are so many options and you can find amazing deals.

Submitted by Camille Jet-Lynx Udunno, Facebook

6. The energy that never ceases.

Submitted by delaney922

7. The fact that EVERY SINGLE band or musical artist, no matter how famous, will eventually have a show here.

Submitted by saraa4aa836bce

8. Art! So much art. So many different kinds of art. And so much of it for free!

Submitted by rhdtmp0705

9. The ability to take all sorts of crazy classes, like trapeze, olympic trampoline, and aerial yoga!

Submitted by cn2

10. The museums and Central Park. You can spend all day at any one of them.

Submitted by Jill Ryan Haer, Facebook

11. The sports! There are so many teams to choose from and ALWAYS a game going on.

Submitted by Alyssa Provenzano, Facebook

12. The comedy scene where random celebrities show up.

Submitted by Lindsay Ontko, Facebook

13. All of the hidden gems.

Submitted by jeanettes4c4007c3b

14. You get to meet people from all around the world.

Submitted by Sajina Shrestha, Facebook

15. Every day something new is being filmed here, so there's a good chance you'll accidentally stumble onto a TV/movie set.

Submitted by jaimers

16. Never having to shovel!

Submitted by funnyvalentine

17. Never having to eat at chain restaurants ever again!

Submitted by Stacey Grant

18. One dollar pizza!

Submitted by Ariella Mandel, Facebook

19. Having bodegas on every corner makes picking up groceries and essentials easy.

Submitted by gloriousrachelg

20. The subway removes the danger of drinking and driving.

Submitted by Mike Cherepko, Facebook

21. Jaywalking is an art form here and no one will silently judge you for doing it.

Submitted by marilynru

22. The mix of big city life and quieter neighborhoods.

Submitted by noxioussunshine

23. It has whatever kind of food you want, whenever you want it!

Submitted by kimberlyi4cbd1e406

24. The amazing theater scene. Not just Broadway, but there are some incredible Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway shows out there as well.

Submitted by BroadwayPop

25. It is the best city for singles. People don’t give you shade when you’re in a bar drinking by yourself or in a restaurant enjoying a bowl of ramen by yourself. You’re alone and you own it.

Submitted by moschotel

26. That so many people are so open and accepting of others, which is an attitude that should be spread everywhere.

Submitted by coolstiles

27. When, every once in a while, you get a surreal glimpse of the skyline and it reminds you why you're here.

Submitted by Brett S. Vergara

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