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    27 People Who Just Lost Their Texting Privileges

    Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and give me your phone. K, thanks.

    1. This genius ladies' man.

    2. Adam.

    3. Whoever James is talking to.

    4. Jesse.

    5. This dude who needs to slow his roll.

    6. This dude who thought he had a chance.

    7. This persistent "friend."

    8. This man who is about to get a restraining order.

    9. This heartbreaker.

    10. Bryson.

    11. This douchebag who still doesn't get it.

    12. This strange man.

    13. Taylor, who's trying way too hard.

    14. This careful reader.

    15. This amazing boyfriend.

    16. This guy who needs to get his phone contacts in order.

    17. This abstract poet.

    18. This hairy Russian woman.

    19. This ballsy guy.

    20. This optimist.

    21. This soon-to-be ex-girlfriend.

    22. This person who just needs to take a time-out.

    23. This long-lost friend.

    24. This clueless person.

    25. This conversationalist.

    26. This person who's definitely playing hard-to-get.

    27. And I'm sorry, but this grandma just lost her texting privileges.


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