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25 Times Kristen Stewart Was Real As F**k

“You’re supposed to soak up every bit of fame like it’s sunshine. But I think it’s genuinely scary that fame is valued so highly, even above happiness."

1. When she talked about her cat.

2. When she wasn't afraid to show her kinky side.

3. Or her protective side.

4. When she said what we all need to hear sometimes...

5. Basically what we're all thinking...


6. And when she said exactly what she was thinking.

7. When she had the perfect response after arm-wrestling an interviewer...

8. And an even better response to this mean tweet:

9. When she shared her views on women in film...

"It's silly to play the devil's advocate when having a conversation about female roles in Hollywood, because then you're doing this 'reverse feminism' thing that has become weirdly trendy recently. I feel like some girls around my age are less inclined to say, 'Of course I'm a feminist, and of course I believe in equal rights for men and women,' because there are implications that go along with the word feminist that they feel are too in-your-face or aggressive.
A lot of girls nowadays are like, 'Eww, I'm not like that.' They don't get that there's no one particular way you have to be in order to stand for all of the things feminism stands for."

10. Losing your first love...

Alberto Pizzoli / Getty Images / Via

11. Romance...

Kenzo Tribouillard / Getty Images

12. Feeling misunderstood and dealing with fame...

13. The sexist double standards...

"Being a public figure, I'm supposed to present myself in a certain way, but it's hard and you're never going to be able to tell people who you are through the media. It's much easier for a guy to say what he wants and not to be cute and funny all the time, but, if you're a strong sort of woman, you're just, for lack of a better word, a bitch."

14. And just life in general.

15. When she showed her true colors.

16. Told us to respect and love ourselves first.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via

17. And when she gave advice to young girls struggling with body image.

Martin Bureau / Getty Images / Via

18. When she explained why she doesn't worry about looking perfect all the time.

"I have been criticized a lot for not looking perfect in every photograph… I'm not embarrassed about it. I'm proud of it. If I took perfect pictures all the time, the people standing in the room with me, or on the carpet, would think, What an actress! What a faker! What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, 'She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.'"

19. Why being nervous and awkward isn't a bad thing.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via

20. And why everything and everyone doesn't need to be the same.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Via

21. When she slammed the critics who called her "ungrateful"...

Loic Venance / Getty Images / Via

22. And anyone who is against feminism.

"Sometimes, the loudest voice in the room isn't necessarily the one you should listen to. By our nature alone, think about what you're saying and say it — but don't scream in people's faces, because then you're discrediting us… But that being said, it's a really ridiculous thing to say you're not a feminist."

23. When she talked about her future...

Andreas Solaro / Getty Images / Via

24. Her peers...

Bertrand Guay / Getty Images / Via

25. And, finally, herself.

Joe Klamar / Getty Images / Via

Happy 25th Birthday, K-Stew!

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