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25 Men Who Have Lost The Battle Against Shopping

They came, they saw, they sat down.

The Instagram account "Miserable Men" perfectly captures the essence of what it's like to go shopping with guys. Hint: They are super bored.

1. The look of a man who has completely given up on life.

2. Quickly losing his patience.

3. At some point, you just have to find your own fun.

4. Looks like you have a little pain behind those eyes, man.

5. Poor little guy.

6. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits, nap on it.

7. Just blending into his habitat.


9. I mean, you gotta test the product first...

10. This man has seen some shit.

11. You guys know you can go inside, right?

12. So much anger.

13. Just kicking his feet up.

14. This man has reached a new level of boredom.

15. Please tell me he didn't read an entire bag of newspapers.

16. "What have I become?"

17. Out cold.

18. The three stages:

19. It may not be a bed, but at least it's soft.

20. He could not care less.

21. We've all been there, buddy.

22. Sometimes you just have to curl up in the fetal position.

23. How long have they been there?

24. Completely defeated.

25. Zero fucks given.