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    25 Christmas Trees That Forgot How To Christmas Tree

    You had one job, Christmas tree!

    1. You're drunk, Christmas tree.

    2. Seriously, Christmas tree? What are you even doing?

    3. You're embarrassing us, Christmas tree!

    4. OMG! Get up!

    5. Is this a joke to you?

    6. Look at what you've become.

    7. You seriously could not care less.

    8. You're just not even trying anymore, are you?


    10. That's not what you're supposed to look like!

    11. You're ruining EVERYTHING, Christmas tree!

    12. Oh, OK. So you're just gonna lay there, huh?

    13. Just gonna give up?

    14. No, stop trying to hide.

    15. Look at this mess you've made.

    16. Seriously, the couch?

    17. I can't even look at you right now.

    18. No, don't act like this is OK.

    19. Seriously. Get. Up.

    20. Really? You're really going to be like that right now?

    21. Damnit, Christmas tree! Do your job!

    22. This isn't even the hard part!

    23. You had one job. That's it.

    24. Yeah, you should be ashamed.

    25. I am so disappointed in you, Christmas tree.