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25 Animal Vines That Are Endlessly Entertaining

Let these serve as a reminder that you should always film your animals.

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1. There's the cat who may no longer have control over his tongue:

2. The dog who just heard the bad news:

3. This corgi's unique staircase technique:

4. The dog who is trying to create a whirlpool:

5. This clumsy little elephant:

6. Whatever the f**k this bird is doing:

7. The cat who hates fans:

8. The dog who succumbed to his master's hand:

9. The dog who just needed a hand:

10. This tiny hungry turtle:

11. The puppy who refuses to be fenced in:

12. This frolicking little piggy:

13. This hyperactive dog:

14. This daredevil:

15. This inquisitive feline:

16. The tiniest little puppy in the whole wide world:

17. This bossy cat:

18. Sid the beagle:

19. This party kitty:

20. This loving pup:

21. The dog who drank too fast:

22. This All-Star cat:

23. The dog with the incredible yawn:

24. This pig and his glasses:

25. And this dancing inch worm:

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