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24 Dogs Who Need To Be Squished Right Now


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1. There's this wrinkly little fuzzball.

Hello there, puppy.

2. This corgi, who would be a comfortable nap partner.

And pillow.

3. This dog, obviously.

I mean, Come. On.

4. This funny lady, who is doing her own thing — which I respect — but I'm still going to squish her.

What are you doing, dog?

5. There's also this bulldog and his face that needs to be squished immediately.

I like you, but you probably have bad farts.

6. This fluffy puppy with his fluffy ears and his fluffy legs.

And his fluffy toes.

7. This big booty shiba.

Look at dat butt.

8. And this giant dog sitting in a chair. Yes, he needs to be squished too.

That's his chair now.

9. Also this teeny tiny puppy.


10. This permed pooch.

So frizzy!

11. This poofy pom.

Just be gentle.

12. This super soft fella.

I would take naps with this dog everywhere.

13. And this frenchie, who might not like it, but that's OK.

You'll learn to love it, frenchie! I promise.

14. There's also the fluffiest sheepdog around. He might not see it coming, but again, that's OK.

I see you. Do you see me?

15. This little puppy, who just needs some love.

I am here for you, puppy! We are ALL here for you!

16. And obviously this dog, as well. I mean, look at that face. If you don't want to squish this dog, you are a monster and you need to go away.

But for real...

17. There's also this pug with his tongue slightly out, which is whatever, but he, too, needs to be squished.

I promise not to pull on your tongue. Maybe.

18. And this dog, who you could probably surprise with a sneak attack squish, which would initially startle him, but then he'd be like "Oh wait, I like this." And you'd be like, "Same."

You doing OK, buddy?

19. And this dog with all of his wrinkles, which YOU KNOW are soft and blanket-like.

I want to nuzzle in his rolls.

20. And even though we can't see this dog's body, her face tells me she's good at hugs, so she's included too.

Hi Luna!

21. This bloodhound puppy and his velvety ears.


22. This tiny dog, who looks like a bear cub, and for that, deserves all of our love and admiration and squishes.

I'll take five, please. Thank you.

23. Also this dog with all of his crazy hair. He probably sheds a lot, but that's a small price to pay for a good squish.

Where is his head?! Oh, there it is...

24. And finally, this happy little pup who needs to be picked up and held forever and ever.


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