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22 Examples Of The Most Gangsta Sh*t That Has Ever Happened

Real recognize real.

1. When these two playas posed next to a condom.

2. When this woman stabbed her husband with a squirrel.

3. When these thugs flashed their gang signs.

4. When this girl posed naked with a pizza box.

5. When this super man revealed what women really want.

6. When this rebel posed with a pineapple.

7. When this bunny was like, "Man, f*ck the rules."

8. When Richie Rich showed off his cash.

9. When these flashy dudes were just straight chillin' and shit.

10. When Louis Tomlinson from One Direction put a soccer ball carcass on his head.

11. When this high roller showed off his stinky greens.

12. When this chick got "corn rolls."

13. When this trickster finished his set.

14. When Bill Nye posed next to a picture of Jay Z.

15. When this dude got three drinks for the price of one.

16. When this badass showed off his money and killer weapons.

17. When this little girl drifted into the hall of fame of bike parking.

18. When this monster took a shirtless selfie.

19. When this mother handcuffed her kid to a shopping cart.

20. When this guy posed naked on top of a gumball machine with lemons taped to his nipples.

21. When this girl treated raw cookie dough like a giant-size candy bar.

22. And when Bill Gates leaped over this chair.