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    18 Teenagers Who Are Definitely Too Cool For School

    Teens are weird, man.

    1. These casanovas:

    2. Bill Gates Jr:

    3. The rubber band man:

    4. These fly pimps:


    5. This motorcycle madman:

    6. This single honey:

    7. Mr. Muscles:


    8. This rockstar:

    9. This model's new boyfriend:


    10. This Krafty lady:

    11. This ladykiller:

    12. This dream come true:

    13. These flashy thugs:

    14. This scooter god:

    15. This king of the road:

    16. This girl and her "corn rolls":

    17. These titans of the fashion world:

    18. And this high-rollin' playa:

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