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18 Bloody Mary Drinks That Need To Chill The F**k Out

Just be yourself, bloody mary.

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2. I like that it comes with sauces, but this is just too much.

3. What am I even looking at anymore?

4. Is that a whole f**king chicken?!

5. Yeah, that cheese cube was DEFINITELY necessary.

6. Glad they included a straw...

7. This is the "Sumo Bloody Mary." The ingredients are listed below. It is ridiculous.

"The Sumo Bloody Mary arrives in a 32-ounce Mason jar garnished with three strips of bacon, half a grilled cheese-and-tocino sandwich, a duck bao, braised pork belly, a crab sushi roll, a lumpia stick, several stalks of Chinese broccoli, pickled daikon radish, roasted potatoes, and shishito peppers."

8. Double-decker sandwich with a bacon-wrapped lobster tail because DUH!

9. Oh, a slice of watermelon — how refreshing.

10. I literally don't even know what some of this stuff is...

13. The pretzel bun was a good call, but this is just too much.

Also, what is that white stuff on top?

14. I see what you're doing and you need to do less.

16. This one gets points for switching out the traditional cheeseburger for a hotdog (and adding ribs), but still...

18. It's a shot within a mimosa within a bloody mary, topped with bacon. Unreal.

OK, that's actually awesome.

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