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    17 Situations In Which It Is Perfectly Acceptable To Play Christmas Music

    Literally whenever.

    1. When your dog/cat looks at you and you can just tell that they want to listen to Christmas music.

    2. When you want to channel your inner Mariah Carey.

    3. When you want to listen to that Ariana Grande song because she’s totally trying to be Mariah Carey, but she’ll never be Mariah Carey because there’s only one Mariah Carey and that’s Mariah Carey.

    4. When someone says "Merry Christmas," and you jump in with "Happy Hoooolidaaaaay" like the members of NSYNC, so now you have to listen to that song.

    5. When you’re in the shower and people are home, but you don’t care because you just listened to Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake sing, so, like, whatever, you're gonna take a long shower and sing super loud.

    6. When it’s snowing outside and you want to sing about how it’s snowing outside, but don’t want to make up your own song, even though you totally could.

    7. When it’s NOT snowing outside, but you wish it were snowing outside so you could sing about how it’s snowing outside.

    8. When you see a man who might be Santa, if he had a beard, the right outfit, and acted like Santa.

    9. When something makes you think of Tim Allen, which makes you want to watch the movie The Santa Clause, but you don’t have that movie because no one has that movie because it’s always on TV, but it’s not on TV right now, so you settle for Xmas music.

    10. When you thought you heard sleigh bells, but it wasn’t, but now you have to play Christmas music because that’s probably a sign.

    11. When you want to turn your pet into a reindeer.

    12. When you’re cooking, but also want to dance and sing because the world is a stage and you just want some time in the spotlight, and it's not your fault the kitchen floor is perfect for fancy footwork.

    13. When you’re drinking hot chocolate, or eggnog, or maybe both, or maybe just water.

    14. When you’re eating anything at all.

    15. When you have a ton of things to do, but don’t want to think about all of that because it’s the holiday season and you owe it to yourself to not work.

    16. When the only thing you're doing is browsing the internet because you're bored.

    17. And when everyone’s like “Can we listen to something else now?” but you don’t want to stop listening to Christmas music because it’s the holidays so SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC WITH ME!!