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17 People Who Have No Idea How Phones Work

How did this selfie get posted? Oh well...

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1. There's this imaginative girl.

2. This clumsy man.

3. This lucky gamer.

4. This self-hacker.

5. This pocket texter.

6. This dude and his slippery hands.

7. This girl, who was trying to take a picture of something else until her sister called, causing her to turn around as the timer went off, OBVIOUSLY!

8. This director.

9. This man and his frozen phone.

10. This helpless victim.

11. This amateur photographer.

12. This tongue-twisted fella.

13. The girl who got caught up in the moment.

14. This font master.

15. This Ron Burgundy wannabe.

16. This girl, who definitely didn't mean to post this pic, but whatever.

17. And, of course, this lady and her bae.

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