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17 Movie-Worthy Inspirational Moments That Actually Happened In Real Life

"We have thirty minutes for the rest of our lives!"

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17. Jon Gruden: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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When: The Buccaneers were underdogs coming into the game, but were able to completely shut down the electric Michael Vick and hold the Falcons offense to only 10 points, giving the Bucs a 34-10 victory in Week 14.

Memorable Line: "How you gonna stop Michael Vick? How you gonna stop him? NOT ONE WORD WAS SAID ABOUT HOW SOMEBODY'S GONNA STOP THIS DEFENSE!"

16. Ed Reed: Miami Hurricanes

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When: In 2001, the number one ranked Miami Hurricanes led FSU 21-13 at halftime, but senior safety Ed Reed felt his team's effort wasn't up to par, so he delivered this heartfelt speech before the team ran out of the tunnel. Miami went undefeated that year and won the National Championship.

Memorable Line: "I'm hurt, dog. Don't ask me if I'm all right. Hell naw!"

15. Ray Lewis: Baltimore Ravens


When: Ray Lewis has this kind of pep talk before every game.

Memorable Line: "Let's see if they can play physical football today. Let's see if they can run without nobody touching 'em. You know what I'm talking about? Let's become great."


14. Brian Dawkins: Denver Broncos


When: These kind of pregame chants became Brian Dawkins' specialty in Philadelphia. When he was signed by the Denver Broncos, he brought that enthusiasm with him.

Memorable Line: "This is our house! This is our house! THIS.IS.OUR.HOUSE!"

13. Steve Addazio: Boston College

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When: Before Week one of the 2013 college football season.

Memorable Line: "We're BC. It's not just about 11 on the field at one time. This program is not built on that. This program is built on the WHOLE FAMILY. Together. Fighting for each other."

12. Lance Guidry: Western Kentucky

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When: Before the 2012 Little Caesars Bowl against Central Michigan. CMU ended up defeating the Hilltoppers, 24-21.

Memorable Line: "You see, my vision and my perception of a Hilltopper is a badass dude that stands on top of a hill. He's got scars all over his body from the fight it took to get on top of that hill and to stay on top of that hill."

11. Tim Tebow: Florida Gators (National Championship)

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When: At halftime of the 2008 BCS Championship game against Oklahoma when the score was 7-7. The Gators would go on to win 24-14.

Memorable Line: "We get the ball, I promise you one thing, we're gonna hit somebody and we'll take it down the field for a touchdown. I guarantee you that."


10. Ray Lewis: Baltimore Ravens

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When: This speech was delivered in the days leading up to the 2013 Super Bowl. The Ravens went on to beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

Memorable Line: "We don't get this again. We don't get this again. The clock run too fast. That's why we got to savor these moments. Cuz they right now."

9. Billy Donovan: Florida Gators (Pregame Before National Championship)

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When: Before the 2006 National Championship against UCLA. The Gators would go on to win 73-57.

Memorable Line: "Tonight is not about the past, and it's not about the future. It's about right now. And you guys have got to want this night to last forever."

8. Mark Hudspeth: Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns

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When: Before 2011 New Orleans Bowl against San Diego State. The Ragin' Cajuns won 32-30.

Memorable Line: "Let me tell you something. You run harder, you hit harder, than you've EVER done in your life. I promise you, they can't beat 94 of us. They can't do it."

7. Les Miles: LSU Tigers (Pregame)

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When: The Mad Hatter delivered this pregame speech sometime in 2012.

Memorable Line: "This day is about dominating an opponent. This day is about being LSU! ... YOU are responsible for the outcome of this game. We play dominant football tonight. Why? Because we came here to do so."


6. David Wilson: Team USA

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When: Before the 2009 Junior World Championship gold-medal game against Canada. Team USA went on to win 41-3.

Memorable Line: "We for real, man! We play for this. This is our COUNTRY! THIS IS OUR SPORT! Man, I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready to play."

5. Bill Stewart: West Virginia

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When: Then-interim head coach Bill Stewart delivered this pregame speech after Rich Rodriguez left West Virginia for Michigan before the 2008 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma. WVU went on to win 48-28.

Memorable Line: "It's real simple. You out block 'em. You out tackle 'em. You out hit 'em. And you out hustle 'em. And you stay within the legal limits of the game. It's Mountaineer pride! Nothing cheap!.... FROM THE HEART!"

4. David Ortiz: Boston Red Sox

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When: Before the Boston Red Sox first game following the Boston Marathon bombings.

Memorable Line: "This jersey that we wear today, it doesn't say 'Red Sox,' it say[s] 'Boston.' ... This is our fucking city. And nobody gonna dictate our freedom. Stay strong."

3. Derrick Moore: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

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When: Before Georgia Tech's first game of the 2007 season against rival Notre Dame. The Yellow Jackets went on to win 33-3.

Memorable Line: "I know your heart. I know what makes you cry. I know what makes you happy. And that is an incredible responsibility. And it is a privilege to serve you."

2. New Zealand All Blacks (Pregame)

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When: The New Zealand All Blacks perform the haka before every match.

Memorable Line: I don't speak that language.

1. Drew Brees: New Orleans Saints

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When: Drew Brees adopted this chant for the pregame huddle during the 2009 season — the year they won the Super Bowl.

Memorable Line: One "Two" Win "For You" Three "Four" Win "Some More" Five "Six" Win "For Kicks" Seven "Eight" Win "Great" Nine "Ten" Win "Again" WIN "AGAIN" WIN "AGAIN" WIN "AGAIN" "AHHHH"