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16 Random Things You Should Probably Know About Today's Teens

Sexting happens, but "full-on nudes are rare."

We recently asked teenagers from the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the current trends, who and what's popular, and what it's like to be a teen growing up in a tech-savvy world. Here is what we learned:

1. Passing notes is now a lost art.

2. Technology is a distraction, until it isn't.

3. If there's a fad happening, teenagers are not aware of it.

Nensuria / Getty Images

We asked: "What's the most popular current fad?"

For the most part, there was no definitive answer for this. Or really any answer at all. The majority of responses were either "IDK" or "It changes." Some suggested "Starbucks," but most had no clue how to answer this question.

While frustrating (we want answers, teens!), it's possible that when you're younger, it's easier to identify a fad, and as you get older, it becomes much more difficult to determine whether something is specific to your friend group, school, or generation. Or maybe you don't realize a fad is a fad until it's over. Either way, if there's a fad happening, teenagers are not aware of it.

4. Hippie attire is (seemingly) making a comeback.

5. Text lingo is SO not cool, guys.

Leon Neal / Getty Images

We asked: "What is something we think is cool that is definitely NOT cool?"

This was an easy one. Simply put, speaking in hashtags or text lingo is terribly uncool and only used ironically by teens. So saying things like "bae" or "on fleek" is basically the equivalent of saying "it's hip to be a square."

6. MTV is dying.

We asked: "What do you think of MTV?"

There used to be a time when nearly every teen in America would come home from school and watch MTV. That time is over. In short, today's teenagers could not care less about the former phenomenally powerful network. Below are some of their responses:

"No feelings."

"Kinda trashy."

"I don't even bother tbh."

"They keep trying to bring new shows to attract an audience, but no one really cares anymore."

"Out of fashion."

"Not interested. Overrated."

So there you have it. The MTV generation is officially old.

7. Netflix is king.

We asked: "What TV shows do you watch? Do you even watch TV?"

This should come as no surprise, but teenagers primarily watch shows online. The vast majority said they watch "TV" on Netflix (a few said Hulu), and even though we asked about specific programs, the results were too scattered to come to any kind of a conclusion about what the most popular shows are among teens.

Fun discovery: Even owning a television is becoming obsolete, as several readers admitted that they don't even have/use one.

8. Kim Kardashian is queen.

9. Everybody hates Justin Bieber.

10. Britney Spears is old and so are you.

11. Music is widespread.


We asked: "What music do you listen to? And where?"

Much like they do with television, teenagers primarily listen to music online, mostly though Spotify, iTunes, or iHeartRadio. If you're surprised by this, you're an idiot, because this is the world we live in.

We also asked about what KIND of music they like to listen to, but much like their TV-watching habits, there was no definitive answer. With access to all kinds of different music through online streams, it makes sense that teenagers' taste in music is more varied than the previous generations.

12. Instagram has completely replaced Facebook...sort of.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed

We asked: "What are your feelings on Facebook?" and "What social media app do you use the most?"

It seems as though nearly every teenager uses Facebook, yet nobody really likes it. In general, most readers said the main reason they have Facebook is to connect with their parents, but they rarely post on the site themselves. It's something they check occasionally, nearly every day, but it's "not important enough to spend hours" on.

For posting and browsing "all day long," it's Instagram. A few said Snapchat, Twitter, or even Tumblr, but Instagram is seemingly the most popular social media app for teens.

13. Vaping is probably not as popular as you think.

14. Selfies have replaced sexting.

15. They don't remember anything about Sept. 11, 2001.

Robert Giroux / Getty Images

We asked: "What, if anything, do you remember about Sept. 11, 2001?"

The quick answer to this is "not much." Now this shouldn't be a startling revelation, considering the oldest teenagers would have been about 4 years old at the time, but it's weird to think about. This historical event, which was arguably the biggest national tragedy experienced by American millennials, is now very much that: a part of history.

16. They're just like us.