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    15 Neighborhood Games All Midwest Kids Know How To Play

    "Ready or not, here I come!"

    1. Kick The Can

    Leremy / Getty Images

    With the ability to play during the day or night, in a backyard or the street, "Kick The Can" was a summertime staple.

    2. Ghost In The Graveyard

    Colematt / Getty Images

    "That big tree over there is home base."

    - Which one?

    "The big one."

    - Got it.

    3. Capture The Flag

    Martin Pollak / Getty Images

    There are two types of people: Those who guard the flag and those who go capture it.

    4. Flashlight Tag

    Kevin Russ / Getty Images

    If you don't say their name when you shine the light on them, it doesn't count.

    5. Running Bases

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    Honestly, the best part was tagging people out. Bonus points for adding a slip 'n slide to the mix.

    6. Sardines

    Aldegonde / Getty Images

    A great way to get a dozen kids to hide in the neighbor's bushes.

    7. Manhunt

    Anastasiya Kudryashova / Getty Images

    There's truly nothing like the high of being the last kid standing.

    8. Red Rover

    Zurijeta / Getty Images

    Not being able to break the chain is one of the most humbling defeats in life.

    9. 500/Jackpot

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    "MYSTERY BOX! Dead or alive!"

    10. Freeze Tag

    Majivecka / Getty Images

    The only true way to unfreeze people is to crawl under their legs.

    11. Marco Polo

    Kevinpanizza / Getty Images

    God bless the friend with a pool. You the real MVP.

    12. Spud/Ball Tag

    Tigrilla / Getty Images

    Freeze tag + dodgeball + no boundaries = spud.

    13. King of the Mountain/Hill/Castle

    Moodboard / Getty Images

    The best mountains are the ones the snow plows make at the end of a street.

    14. Red Light, Green Light

    Purestock / Getty Images

    "Red light! YOU MOVED!"

    15. Hide-And-Seek

    Flairimages / Getty Images

    The O.G. of neighborhood games. Also, shout-out to anyone who utilized a big basement.