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14 Struggles Only People Who Hate Making Decisions Understand

Can you just decide for me?

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1. Getting dressed in the morning is always a bit stressful because each article of clothing is an option, making for WHO KNOWS how many possible wardrobe combinations.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via Paramount Pictures

2. Every single meal is basically a chore because you never know what to make...


3. Or where to order.

4. And when you finally do make a decision on where to eat, you still have to pick what to eat, which is just as overwhelming.

20th Television / Via

5. Even if you've eaten there dozens of times before, you never know what to get, so you end up staring at the menu, hoping the cashier will just hand you something.

6. In fact, most of your decisions at a restaurant are determined in that split-second after the waiter asks for your order.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via Comedy Central

7. And when deciding what to do with your friends, the majority of your responses revolve around you just going "I don't care."

MGM Worldwide Television / Via

8. Plus, finding the right thing to watch on Netflix is an hour-long commitment.


9. Grocery shopping is just more like you standing in front of food and walking away without putting anything in your cart.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via

10. And you hate it when sites ask you to list your favorite book or movie as a security question because you don't know what to pick.

E! / Via

11. Actually, picking your favorite anything is practically impossible, so you always end up listing your Top 5, which then becomes your Top 10 because narrowing it down to five is simply too difficult.

FremantleMedia Enterprises / Via

12. And there's nothing quite as annoying as the feeling of finally making a decision only to immediately regret it.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

13. Which is why you often dream of being rich and famous, so things like food and clothing will be chosen by your personal chef and stylist.

14. But until that time comes, you'll continue to procrastinate because procrastination is the best friend of indecisiveness. And since you hate making decisions, you've pretty much become a procrastination expert.

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