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14 Reasons This World Cup Has Captured The American Audience

It's the perfect storm matched with American spirit.

1. We have an Olympic hangover and the only prescription is more 'Murica.

2. This Beats By Dre commercial pumped everyone up.

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A few days before the World Cup started, this commercial was released, giving a new look to the tournament while becoming the soundtrack of the games.

3. It's not a big commitment.

4. The World Cup has no real competition.

5. USA is pretty good this year.

6. There have been lots of goals.

7. Teams are scoring early.

8. The big names are scoring.

9. Late drama and early upsets.

10. Brazil is crazy about soccer/football/fútbol.

11. Brazil, in general, is sort of crazy right now.

12. The fans are outrageous.

13. It's massive on Twitter:

According to Twitter Data, there were 8 million tweets sent during the U.S.-Portugal match with 304,603 total tweets sent the moment Clint Dempsey scored, making it fun to follow along/participate and nearly impossible to ignore.

14. The sport's popularity is legitimately growing in this country.