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    13 Strange And Spectacular NASCAR Celebrations

    In honor of this weekend's Brickyard 400. Ain't no trophy like a grandfather clock, cuz a grandfather clock don't stop.

    Unlike most sports, every single victory in NASCAR is accompanied by a huge celebration, and depending on the track, a neat traditional celebration and/or trophy. Here are 13 of them in honor of the the 20th running of the Brickyard 400 — whose champions kiss the bricks of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway — this weekend.

    13. Polish Victory Lap

    12. Steering Wheel Heist

    11. The Lobster Mash

    10. Victory O'Clock

    9. The Prison Break

    8. Firing The Revolvers

    7. The Locker Room

    6. Sonoma Drink of Wine

    5. The Victory Kiss

    4. The Backflip

    3. The Burnout

    2. The Patriotic Burnout

    1. Kissing The Bricks

    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story included a non-NASCAR celebration. (7/25/13)