13 Strange And Spectacular NASCAR Celebrations

In honor of this weekend’s Brickyard 400. Ain’t no trophy like a grandfather clock, cuz a grandfather clock don’t stop.

Unlike most sports, every single victory in NASCAR is accompanied by a huge celebration, and depending on the track, a neat traditional celebration and/or trophy. Here are 13 of them in honor of the the 20th running of the Brickyard 400 — whose champions kiss the bricks of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway — this weekend.

13. Polish Victory Lap

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

A Polish victory lap is when a driver turns his car around and drives in the wrong direction, which for NASCAR means clockwise. This one is last because it is mildly offensive to Poles, though we’re sure they’re used to it.

12. Steering Wheel Heist

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

When Joey Logano wins, he takes the steering wheel with him. Rumors that he sits in his bed at night holding them and saying “vroom, vroom!” are unconfirmed.

11. The Lobster Mash

Sean Gardner / Getty Images

Winners of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH take home a giant Loudon Lobster.

10. Victory O’Clock

Rainier Ehrhardt / Getty Images

The winner at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia gets a grandfather clock. That is badass.

9. The Prison Break

Sam Sharpe / Getty Images

The climbing of the fence originally started with IndyCar Series driver Hélio Castroneves, but Tony Stewart has been doing this post-victory move since 2005.

8. Firing The Revolvers

Chris Graythen / Getty Images

After winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series NRA 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, it’s customary to fire blanks from six-shooters because Yee-haw!

7. The Locker Room

Charlotte Observer / Getty Images

The champagne spray is normally reserved for championships, but for NASCAR, it happens in Victory Lane all the time.

6. Sonoma Drink of Wine

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

The Sprint Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350 is held in Sonoma, California, so naturally, winners drink wine from the trophy.

5. The Victory Kiss

Rainier Ehrhardt / Getty Images

This isn’t necessarily a tradition, but it happens so often that it might as well be one.

4. The Backflip

Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Carl Edwards’ trademark move is a backflip off his car.

3. The Burnout

Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

It’s a classic that never gets old.

2. The Patriotic Burnout

Getty Images

All the better.

1. Kissing The Bricks

Nick Laham / Getty Images

In 1996, Brickyard 400 champ Dale Jarrett kissed the yard of bricks as a tribute to all the champions before him. Since then, it’s become a tradition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story included a non-NASCAR celebration. (7/25/13)

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