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10 Football Players That Could Totally Be Cops

Justice is a team sport. A team with a bunch of quarterbacks.

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Back in 2011, DirecTV introduced us to "Football Cops," starring Peyton and Eli Manning as Mike Tahoe and C.J. Hunter — two former pro quarterbacks who left the league to come back and protect the streets they once called home.

But what that commercial failed to do was explore what it'd be like if more quarterbacks entered this world, and that's where we come in.

1. Michael Vick is the rogue cop who lost his badge, but now he's back and looking to make things right again.

2. Brett Favre is the ex-cop turned bad.

3. Joe Flacco is that one cop who thinks he's better than everybody because he just solved a big crime, but everyone knows he's not even one of the five best officers on the Force.

4. RG3 is the new member of SWAT who got injured on his first mission and can't wait to get back in action.

5. Tony Romo is the bike cop.

6. Aaron Rodgers is the goofy leader.

7. Russell Wilson is the cop that was recently transferred into the precinct, and everybody was like, "I don't know about this guy." And now they're like, "He's got guts."

8. Jay Cutler is the officer who just doesn't care anymore. About anything. At all.

9. Ben Roethlisberger is the immoral, but effective, renegade detective.

10. JaMarcus Russell is the guy who watches this show.

BONUS: Roger Goodell is — of course — the corrupt commissioner.

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