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US strike at the Shairat base of the Syrian Air Force

In fact, Putin was made clear: the restart game ended with the election campaign. And if someone does not understand, he is not the only one who can bluff. Beat retribution. This is what the Pentagon did early in the morning on April 7 with the air base of the government air forces Shayrat in the Syrian province of Homs. It was from this base that planes took off, bombing on April 4 the city of Khan Sheikhun in the province of Idlib, which is controlled by the opposition. The bombing killed at least 80 people poisoned with sarin. Of these, two dozen women and at least thirty children. The base was released 59 cruise missiles Tomahawk. So, as a result of the first operation of the Pentagon in the six years of the Syrian civil war against the Assad regime, the infrastructure of the Shayrat base has been destroyed.

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US strike

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