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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the origin of the rings around-centaur asteroids

Scientists decided to test what would happen if an asteroid will pass very close relative of the giant planet. In their version, the cause of the clash with the major planets. Asteroids-centaurs - are asteroids that are located between Jupiter and Saturn. According to its characteristics they are average between objects asteroids and Kuiper belt belt. However, the reasons for the origin of the rings at 10199 Chariklo 2060 Chiron and up to this time are controversial in the scientific community. Just at the moment the scientific community was able to unravel the mystery - where they came from? In 2014 we found out that a similar education and have Chiron Hirokla - 2 asteroids. More recently, the mysterious rings have been seen around these celestial objects. Around many of them can live ring.

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