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Scientists have confirmed the formation of asteroids in the solar system

A group of astronomers found several small celestial bodies that are not larger fragments. Their size is not less than 35 km. Modern concepts of the formation of the solar system include two competing hypotheses about the mechanisms of the occurrence of asteroids-planetesimals, which eventually became embryos of future planets. According to one of the hypotheses, the future asteroids for quite some time were small accumulations of matter. Their merging and the formation of large celestial bodies, a meter and kilometer in size, required considerable time - about hundreds of millions of years or more. As a result, now in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter (the main belt), we can observe a picture close to that which was during the initial formation of asteroids. According to another version, it happened much faster. The disorganized substance under the action of gravity gathered immediately into objects measuring tens and hundreds of kilometers. What we see now is the result of their subsequent collisions with each other, when most of the original planetoids collapsed with the formation of many small fragments.

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Asteroids formation...

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