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Scientists believe that the universe is "in" a black hole

In the scientific community a new hypothesis emerged, according to which our universe can be inside a giant black hole. The nature of supermassive black holes is not fully understood. Nominated in narrow circles of specialists as a region of space-time, the giant black holes gave rise to many conjectures and assumptions. For example, some experts are sure that these objects are nothing but "doors" to other worlds. However, these arguments did not arise from scratch. It is known that the density of supermassive black holes is very low. Thus, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way is less dense than water, and the giant black hole in the center of the galaxy NGC 4889 in the constellation of Hair Veronica is inferior in density to air. The low density of black holes is due to the gravitational radius, which in these objects is directly proportional to the mass. This means that the more massive the black hole, the more it looks like a ghost.

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