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"Salyut-7": the details of a secret state of emergency in space

February 11, 1985 was a great and then naturally secretive state of emergency at the station "Salyut-7". Cosmonauts Savinykh and Janibekov get status as a Hero of the flight, but in fact it was an emergency. So it was for the state of emergency? 32 years ago the connection was lost to the Soviet orbital habitats "Salyut-7". Because of problems with the electronics and the short-circuit signal is lost, the remote control from Earth was impossible, and a manual mode to take was simply no one - PE coincided with the shift change of crew. I object spontaneously decayed. In the meantime, information about the state of emergency it is clearly not accidentally leaked to the Western press. "Soviet Station flies at the head of Americans" - wrote the newspaper in the United States. And in Cape Canaveral already prepared to intercept the cargo shuttle.

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