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Photo: "Hubble" is watching the amazing galaxy hybrid

This image, made using the space telescope NASA / ESA «Hubble» (Hubble Space Telescope) shows an unusual galaxy UGC 12591. galaxy UGC 12591 classification takes an intermediate position between the lenticular and spiral galaxies. It lies at a distance of a little less than 400 million light-years away on the western edge of the galactic superclusters of Pisces-Perseus, a long chain of clusters of galaxies, which stretches for hundreds of millions of light-years away and is one of the largest known structures of the universe. This galaxy is fairly unusual in itself - it has an incredibly large mass. This galaxy and its halo together contain the order of several billion solar masses of matter - that is about four times greater than the mass of the Milky Way.

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UGC 12591

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