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North Korean hackers interested in crypto currency

North Korean hackers have launched a virus that installs software for foreign computers to run the Montero crypto currency and transfer it to Pyongyang University. This conclusion was reached by AlienVault analysts. According to experts, recently crypto-currencies have increasingly attracted the attention of North Korean hackers, which, among other things, is associated with tightening sanctions against the DPRK. Analysts of the American company AlienVault, specializing in cyber security, found malicious software allegedly created by North Korean hackers: it used foreign computers to generate the Montero crypto currency and send it to the DPRK. Cyberattack occurred in late December. The virus quietly installed computers for Monero's mining software and sent it to a server in North Korea to Pyongyang University named after Kim Il Sung. To access the funds, hackers used the password "KJU" (probably the abbreviation Kim Jong Un - Kim Jong Un).

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