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NASA conducts the final testing of the James Webb telescope before being sent to space

On March 8, engineers removed the combined optical and scientific instruments of the James Webb (NASA) space telescope from its high bay container at Northrop Grumman Airport in Redondo Beach, California, and reported on the next step in the integration and testing of the observatory. Northrop is the final stage of the Webb trip, before it travels to its launch pad in Kourou, French Guiana. The engineers will conduct final testing at the facility to provide the last stage of the observatory's preparation for space. Combined optical and scientific technology Webb, the scientific payload, is half of the observatory, including the 6.5-meter golden primary mirror Webb. The scientific payload recently arrived in Northrop after testing at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. An integrated spacecraft and sun visor - the other half of the observatory, which is in the final assembly in Northrop, was subject to its own launch environment tests.

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James Webb (NASA)

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