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IXS Enterprise: concept sci-fi spaceship NASA

Concept IXS Enterprise, which is still at a very early stage, involves the use of "engine space-time warp." Above the creation of such a ship, with the warp engine, physicist Harold White (Harold White) run and Mike Okuda (Mike Okuda). Dr. Harold "Sonny" White continues its work in the Johnson Space Center, where he is trying to create the first in the history of the warp engine. Work is still only at an experimental stage, but this does not mean that we can not contact you to imagine how it is likely to look like a real spaceship "Enterprise". Below, we offer to get acquainted with the concepts and sketches of the ship on which humanity in the distant, and perhaps not quite the distant future will explore the vastness of our galaxy, and, who knows, perhaps, and the entire universe.

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