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InSight drills Mars for 5 meters

Insight is usually called insight. Journalists designate this word as exclusive information from a source that is inaccessible to others. Both these meanings merged in the name of the InSight space mission (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport), which will be the 12th in the Discovery program of NASA to study the planets of the solar system. In May 2018, an Atlas V launch vehicle will be launched from the Vandenberg Space Center. It will arrive in Mars in November of the same year and deliver a research landing gear designed to determine the size, composition and aggregate state of the planet's core, the composition and structure of the mantle, the thickness and structure of the crust, the temperature interiors of Mars, as well as the strength, frequency and geographic distribution of tectonic activity and the frequency of meteorite incidence.

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