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In The Residual Disk Nearby Stars Were Found Concentric Rings

An international team of researchers reports the discovery of several concentric rings in the residual disk surrounding a nearby young star known as HIP 73145. These unusual substructure may help scientists better understand the evolution of circumstellar disks surrounding young stars. The star HIP 73145, located approximately 400 light-years away, is a star of spectral type A2IV aged about 15 million years. It belongs to a moving subgroup Upper Centaurus - Wolf OB-stellar Association Scorpius - Centaurus. This star is about 70 percent more massive than the Sun, and its radius is 1.38 the radius of our star. In addition, it is known that around this star is a residual disk radius of about 96 astronomical units (one astronomical unit is equivalent to the distance from Earth to the Sun).

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