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In the Pacific Ocean, the space vehicle Progress MS-06 was sunk

The incombustible fragments of cargo spacecraft Progress MS-06, undocked from the International Space Station at 4.03 Moscow time on December 28, fell in the non-navigable region of the Pacific Ocean, a representative of the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC) said. "According to the calculated data, the ship entered the dense layers of the atmosphere, where the structure was destroyed, and its incombustible fragments fell in a given area of ​​the Pacific Ocean," the source said. "Progress MS-06" docked to the ISS in an automatic mode on June 16, 2017. In addition to standard cargo - fuel for the refueling system, compressed gases, water, medical supplies, personal protection, sanitary equipment, on-board documentation, consumables and equipment for experiments and food containers, the ship delivered to the ISS the nanosatellites prepared by specialists Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia together with students and young scientists of the South-Western State University (YuSU, Kursk).

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