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In Syria shot down the Russian Su-25

The moment the missile hit the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian Civil Code in Syria was on video. The plane was shot down by militants in the area near the village of Maceran in the province of Idlib. This area is under the control of the terrorist group "Dzhebhat an Nusra" (banned in Russia). The pilot catapulted and died in battle with terrorists. The footage shows how the terrorists shoot from an anti-aircraft gun to shoot down an airplane, then the video shows how a missile from a MANPADS gets into it. Video posted by the group "Free army Idliba." The Ministry of Defense of Russia stated that a group strike with precision-guided weapons was inflicted on the area from which the aircraft was fired. According to radio intercepts, as a result of the attack more than 30 militants were killed.

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