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In Kazakhstan, 52 people were killed in a fire bus

On January 18, a bus caught fire on the Shymkent-Samara highway; 52 people were killed, only five survived. The Setra bus (initially the authorities informed that it was Ikarus) followed from the South Kazakhstan region bordering with Uzbekistan (the city is not specified) to Russian Samara (according to other sources, to Kazan). It was not a regular flight. Of 57 people (two drivers and 55 passengers), three are citizens of Kazakhstan, the rest are from Uzbekistan. The bus caught fire in the Irgiz region of the Aktyubinsk region; he did about half way. The fire began at 10:30 local time (7:30 Moscow time), the bus burned down in a few minutes. Only five, including both drivers, managed to get out. All the victims are citizens of Uzbekistan. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was a short circuit.

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