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Great Dividing Range

Great Dividing Range (English Great Dividing Range.) - Mountain system, stretching along the east and south-east coast of Australia about 4000 km. Formed in the Neogene-Anthropogenic on the spot denuded Paleozoic folded countries. The mountains are composed mainly of limestone, granite, gneiss, volcanic rocks. Known reserves of oil and gas, coal and lignite, tin, polymetallic ores, gold, copper, titanium-magnetite and monazite sand. The eastern slopes are steep, strongly and deeply dissected, the western slopes of the hollow are moving in undulating foothills (Downs). North of 28 ° S. w. Mount relatively low, reaching a width of 650 km. Coast Ranges height of about 1000 meters and volcanic plateaus separated by wide longitudinal hollows from the west, the lower watershed chain with flat tops. To the south are located higher and monolithic mountains.

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