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Gold Of Ural (Russia)

Ural is one of the main and oldest centers of gold mining in Russia. Date official. opening and the beginning of gold mining in the Urals is considered to be 1745. However, long before the tribes and peoples who inhabited it already knew and mined gold. By the beginning of XX century there were more than 300 mines and Urals took the third place in the Russian gold mining, with an average annual volume of approximately pounds. At present, the main production is in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region, 8-11 take place in Russia among the gold mining regions. The source of gold are not only the gold-indigenous or alluvial deposits, and gold-bearing complex ore deposits, from which gold is extracted as an associated component. So, in 1992 of 19 tonnes mined in the Urals region, including Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region., 12.7 tonnes of gold (66.9%) are in complex deposits, 3.7 m (19.4%) - in the placers and only 2.6 tons (13.7%) - on primary deposits.

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