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Gold Of Khabarovskiy Kray

Khabarovskiy Kray reserves and forecast resources is in ninth place among the Russian regions. On the territory of the region the state balance accounted for 24 deposits of vein gold, eight of which are developed and 352 alluvial deposits. Most of the reserves are concentrated in primary deposits (71.2% category B + C1 and the C2 category 95.7%). They provided much of the production in 2006 - 64%, or 10.58 tons; the remaining 5.86 tons mined from alluvial deposits. Of primary deposits are developed: the largest and MNV Khakanja with balance reserves of 110.7 tons of gold and six smaller ones. Prepared for the development of four fields: small reserves, but high-grade gold (up to 20 g / t) Yurievskoe and vagrants, Levoberezhnoe and Tas-Yuryakh.

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Russian Gold

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